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Freezing Food – Faqs

Why do we need to freeze food? Freezing is a method to preserve food, and you can freeze the items you want to use later to prevent the bacterial growth on them. Freezing will limit the movement of the molecule and freeze the water particles inside. During freezing, the microorganisms enter a dormant stage and

Reheating Food – FAQs

 What is the proper way to reheat food? The proper way to reheat food is dependent on if you stored your food properly or not. You cannot leave the leftovers on the kitchen shelf; you need to store it properly in a fridge or freezer to reheat and reuse it later. Bacteria will grow rapidly

Dehydrating Foods – FAQs For All

What is dehydration in terms of food technology? Dehydration is the oldest technology to preserve food, even before the freezers were invented. In dehydration, we dry the food by extracting all the water out of it and then save the food for later use. No moisture will inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and you can