How To Freeze Raspberries

Freezing raspberries is a quick and easy procedure. It will take you 15 minutes. In this article we will teach you how to freeze them and how to use the frozen raspberries. They have a short life span in the fridge so freezing is the best way to store them.

How to Freeze Raspberries?

Freezing raspberries is an easy and quick process and a good way to keep them fresh and ready for some delicious recipes.

Step 1:  Prepare the berries

Sort through the raspberries and pick out the soft, moldy, or rotten ones. Right before the berries go off the texture will change and it will be very soft. You can still freeze them but they will become softer after freezing. You could cook them and make a berry jam.

Step 2:  Wash Raspberries

Wash Raspberries

Wash the raspberries in cold water using a colander to make sure they have no germs or dirt on them and make sure they are clean.  Shake your colander to get drain the excess water out. Put the raspberries on a tea towel to air dry for 15 -30 minutes then pat them dry with ur tea towel.

Step 3:  Freezing Berries On Baking Paper

Berries On Baking Paper

Put your raspberries on baking paper and make sure the berries are separated and not touching one another. This will help to ensure when you freeze them they will not stick together.  Put the baking paper in the freezer for at least 30 or so minutes or until your berries are fully frozen.

Step 4: Moving Raspberries to containers or zip lock bags

Moving Raspberries to containers or zip lock bags


You can get the baking paper out of your freezer and now it’s time to remove the raspberries from its baking paper and freeze them.  Put your frozen berries in a zip lock bag and remove the excess air from its bag, you can also use a container if you prefer.  Make sure the container lid is on properly and you can put it in your freezer for when you are ready to use them.

What Can You Do With Frozen Raspberries?

Frozen raspberries are easier to use in recipes rather than fresh. Here are some ways to use frozen raspberries

  • Juice or Smoothie: You can make a juice or a smoothie. Place the frozen raspberries in your blender with anything you choose to do with them. If you want to make juice use water or if you choose to make a smoothie use milk.
  • Toppings: Use your frozen raspberries in your morning oats, on pancakes, put on cereal.  French toast.
  • Ice-Cream: Want to make some quick and simple ice cream here is how to do it. You will need to blend your frozen raspberries with other fruits you prefer. You can add some yogurt of your choosing. Your frozen raspberries will keep your dessert cold. It’s ready to eat as soon as you take it out of the blender
  • Jam: Raspberries are good for making jam. It will be perfect on toast or on a sandwich. You could use it on almost anything.
  • Compote: You can use the raspberries for a pie filling or you can use them as a compote. Slowly heat the frozen berries and add some sugar. Use a wooden spoon to mash up the berries to bring their juice out. The juice from the berries will have a small amount of pectin along with some sugar which gives you a flavourful and thick syrup consistency. You can add this compote to anything.
  • Baking: Raspberries are good for baking with you can make scones, muffins, a slice, raspberry cake. The chooses are endless. Let your imagination run free.


Are my Frozen Raspberries Bad?

These are some signs your raspberries might be bad

  • Your raspberries having some frost or ice crystals on them
  • There will be a lot of air in your ziplock bag
  • The berries have been in there for longer than a year
  • Raspberries will have a light color and they will feel very dry.

How Long Can Frozen Raspberries Last Frozen?

Frozen raspberries will last 6 months to 1 year in the freezer in the zip lock bags or the container. They can still be consumed after one year but they could have some freezer burn on them and won’t taste as nice.

Do You Need To Thaw Raspberries Before Using Or Baking?

No, you do not need to thaw out your raspberries before baking,  but if you decide you want to thaw them out you can put them under cold water for 2 minutes. if you want to use it on the same day but later you can keep them in the zip lock bag or container and leave them in the fridge to defrost. There will be some liquid in the bag but you can just put that extra liquid down the sink there is no need to use that liquid.


Freezing raspberries will save you time and money. Make sure to label your zip lock bags so you can easily find them in your freezer. Flatter the bag and let all the air out to have extra space in your freezer and you can use them at any time.

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