How To Make Toast In a Toaster Oven

How To Make Toast In a Toaster Oven

Key Takeaways

1. Master the art of making perfect toast in a toaster oven with simple settings and techniques.

2. Explore baking, broiling, and toasting capabilities for a variety of delicious recipes in a compact appliance.

3. Discover the ease of digital toaster ovens, adjusting settings for desired browning levels effortlessly.

4. Learn tips for healthier toasting and proper storage to enjoy crispy toast anytime without worries.

A toasted bread serves as a perfect option for breakfast and giving you a crispy start to your day. An easy-to-make and fulfilling breakfast that you can have is to have a bread toast.

Toasting your bread using a toaster oven is a simple process. It is not something that requires your time and energy. You need to set the settings and toast your bread to have it for lunch.

What is a toaster oven?

Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is a small oven that is not only used to toast bread as we can perceive from its name, but it can provide you many benefits.

The small size helps the oven to heat up quicker than the big normal ovens. And the heat energy released from this toaster oven is also less as compared to the bigger ovens. These ovens are perfect for the smaller batches of recipes.

Settings of Toaster oven:

The toaster oven is a small oven with limited settings. The main settings include three kinds of options:

  1. Bake setting – which turns on the bottom element for heating
  2. Broil setting – when you turn it on, it turns on the top heating element.
  3. Toast setting – this will turn both the elements on.

So the basic functions a toaster oven can perform are baking, broiling, and toasting.

Toasting bread in a toaster oven:

Now when you need to toast your bread in the oven, all that matters will be the settings and your choice of the toast you want.

Different settings will help with giving the different texture of the bread.

Toaster mode:

The most basic setting for toasting your bread is to select the toaster mode. Then set the temperature and timer on this model. You will get to know more perfectly about the temperature and timing as you start toasting in your oven.

You can start at the 350 degrees F and for 1 minute as the time taken by a different oven is different, so you will learn this by experiencing that oven. Just keep monitoring in the first few attempts.

As you already know that in the toaster mode, both of the filaments will be on so it will toast the bread evenly from all sides.

You don’t need to flip the bread after turning on the toast mode, as it will do its work on both sides.

Using Broil Mode:

The question is to toast the bread in the toaster oven. Well, there are some toaster ovens whose toaster mode is not that well. For this, you can surely toast your bread in the toaster oven using the broiler mode. In this mode, the only top filament is heated and will do the function. The only drawback here is that you need to flip the bread in between, once or twice for even browning of the bread.

Tip for using the broiler mode:

  • Set the rack to the top position
  • Leave half-inch space between the slices.
  • Keep the toaster door open so that you can easily flip the bread in between.
  • Flipping the bread often will help in even browning of the bread.

Digital Toaster Oven:

Digital Toaster Oven

When talking about toaster ovens, there is also a digital toaster oven on the list too. These ovens do not need your temperature and timing requirements. You need to feed in the level of brownness that you would like for your bread, and the oven will judge the timing and temperature accordingly.

Setting control of digital oven:

The digital oven works in the setting of light, medium, or dark. You can select according to your preferences, and the oven will do the rest of its work.

Temperature setting for toasting bread in a toaster oven:

If you have no experience of toasting bread and you don’t want a disaster in the first go, we would recommend you to set the temperature at 350 degrees F. some ovens also give you the option of toast on the temperature setting knob to give you the accurate heat for toasting.

Time to toast the bread in the toaster oven:

The time requires to properly brown the bread will be dependent upon how light or dark brown you want your toast to be. Start with one minute, go up to two minutes to find the time you would require.

Tips on toasting bread:

  • Whole grain bread or what we call brown bread will take more time to toast than normal white bread.
  • If you have a piece of old bread, that can be toasted too, and it will be crunchier.
  • Applying butter on the toast before toasting will make it more crunchy.

Keeping the toasted bread for later use:

You toasted more pieces in breakfast, and you want to take them for lunch too. You can surely take the toasts for lunch by storing them properly.

Toast your bread and leave it at room temperature to cool it down. Then put the toast in the zip lock bag and take it with you to enjoy later on.

Other things you can do with a toaster oven:

Other things include:

  • Making breadcrumbs
  • Toasting nuts
  • Baking cookies or small cakes
  • Bake potatoes
  • Reheating
  • Making casseroles

And many more things depending upon how efficient and creative you can be.


Now you know everything which will help you in toasting your bread in the toaster oven. The toast will be dependent on the type of bread and its quality, but the basic method is the same. You can use both toast or broil settings.

Toast your bread, eat it as it is or add some toppings, and enjoy your meal.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can we toast bread in the microwave?

No, the microwave will not be able to toast the bread as it uses microwaves to heat the food, not radiant heat, which is required for toasting. The microwave will only circulate the water molecules inside, which makes the bread softer.

Q. Is toasted bread healthier than the normal one?

Toasting will surely lower the fat content, not very drastically but a minor amount of it. Still, if you are eating a toast daily, it will be counted as healthier than the raw bread.

Q. Is burnt toast not good to eat?

Recent studies suggest that the burnt toast or browned potatoes are not good for the health as there is a link between the burnt toast and acrylamide and increased cancer risk.

Q. Will toasting the bread kill the mold?

No toasting will not kill; in fact, the heat will promote further spores release from the mold. So it is dangerous to toast the bread with the mold on.