How to Make White Chocolate-Easy Home-Based Recipe

How to Make White Chocolate-Easy Home-Based Recipe

Key Takeaways

1. Learn to craft delicious white chocolate at home with simple ingredients, avoiding the waxy texture of store-bought options.

2. Explore the versatility of white chocolate, perfect for various flavorings and treats, offering endless customization options.

3. Discover the surprising health benefits of white chocolate and essential tips for mastering your homemade recipe.

4. Elevate your chocolate experience with homemade white chocolate, boasting superior taste and quality compared to commercial alternatives.

The ingredients in white chocolate are sugar, milk solids, cocoa butter, and sometimes there is vanilla. It is a chocolate confection and has a pale ivory color.

The homemade recipe of white chocolate is very easy with all the readily available ingredients present in our kitchen. The recipe turned out to be perfect as most of the chocolate recipes used butter oil or cocoa butter and the recipe for white chocolate is without these ingredients.

The store-bought white chocolate is not a good option as the results range from waxy to super sickly-sweet. The recipe for white chocolate has 3 ingredients and is better as compared to store-bought white chocolate.

We know that other chocolates like milk and dark chocolate can be flavored in many different ways however, white chocolate possesses the quality of versatility and is the king of customization.

The only negative point is that the white chocolate block is not as smooth as the store-bought chocolate because of the lack of professional tools.

Undesirable ingredients to increase the shelf life of white chocolate are by the manufacturers of today. The cocoa butter is replaced with trans-fatty hydrogenated oil by several manufacturers resulting in the terrible waxy texture of white chocolate.

Stay here with me to know all about white chocolate and how do you make white chocolate in an easy way.

What is white chocolate and what it is made of?

These two raised questions are answered in a single section. Without getting surprised, white chocolate is not chocolate as all chocolate must include the main ingredient cocoa solid but white chocolate is devoid of it.

The main ingredients of white chocolate are

  • Powdered milk.
  • Cocoa butter.
  • Vanilla sometimes.

The cocoa butter is often swapped with hydrogenated oils and fats by some brands and vegan chocolates.

Understanding the Raw materials:

The cocoa butter is the main ingredient of white chocolate . The preparation of white chocolate involves cocoa butter mixed with milk fats, sugar, vanilla. Apart from white chocolate, raw form is are found in markets to prepare tasty treats easily.

Cocoa Butter:

The cocoa bean is an edible fat used to make cocoa butter. The base of the regular chocolate is made by both cocoa butter and cocoa solids however, the base of white chocolate is formed by cocoa butter.

Cocoa solids are left behind as the cocoa butter is extracted from the cocoa beans. The cocoa pods begin the formation of chocolate. The ripened seeds

are harvested and treated and dried to get the chocolate liquor.

The liquor is extracted into cocoa butter and cocoa powder. The cocoa butter is added to chocolate for getting a good mouthfeel however, cocoa butter itself doesn’t have much chocolate flavor.

50% weight of cocoa bean depends on cocoa butter and gives melting properties to the chocolate.

Raw white chocolate:

The white chocolate already contains sugar, milk powder and, other main ingredients so don’t add anything to raw white chocolate. Buy the raw chocolate with a high concentration of cocoa butter. Monitor the level of cocoa butter in the chocolate.

Moisture in the air ruins the cocoa butter composition so don’t open the packet in advance.

White chocolate chips:

Buying white chocolate chips is a good idea, without wasting your time on chopping a chocolate bar. The cocoa butter content must get checked on the packet. The packet should not be opened until it’s time to use.

The chocolate chips don’t melt properly as they contain unwanted additives. This is the only negative point about white chocolate chips.

How to make White chocolate:

white chocolate

Recipe 1:

White chocolate Ingredients:

  • A teaspoon or 2 of vanilla powder.
  • 350g Cane sugar (refined or non-refined).
  • 350g melted Cocoa butter.
  • 300 g Whole Milk Powder (cream powder as an alternative).


  1. Weigh and melt the cocoa butter.
  2. In the microwave or boiler, melt the chocolate.
  3. After melting pour the butter into a stone grinder.
  4. Add sugar slowly.
  5. Pour the milk powder after 10 minutes.
  6. Add vanilla powder gradually till the desired flavor.
  7. For 6-10 hours put the chocolate in the machine.
  8. Pour the chocolate into the container and store it in a dry and cool place.

Recipe 2:

White Chocolate stars:


  • 3 tsp. whole milk powder
  • 1 cup cocoa butter (finely chopped
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • 1 tsp. almond extract
  • 1 cup powdered sugar


  1. Microwave or double boil the cocoa butter.
  2. Add sugar and powdered milk and mixed well.
  3. Add vanilla extract once they get dissolve.
  4. Again stir and temper the mixture.
  5. In a star-shaped mold, pour the mixture and put it in the fridge.
  6. Dark chocolate sauce is drizzled once the mixture is set and refrigerate it again.

Recipe 3:

Dairy-free (Vegan) White Chocolate:


  • 4 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1⅓ cup powdered sugar
  • 2 tsp. soy milk powder/almond powder
  • 1 cup cocoa butter
  • ½ tsp. salt


  1. In a microwave or double boiler, melt the chopped cocoa butter.
  2. Add almond or soy powder, powdered sugar and, mix well.
  3. Granulated sugar is not added as it won’t melt.
  4. Add vanilla extract.
  5. Stir and temper the mixture.
  6. Pour in the mold and refrigerate.
  7. Enjoy dairy-free chocolate.

Techniques involved in making white chocolate:

The techniques involved to melt the chips or raw white chocolate blocks will stay the same. The techniques are:

1. Chopping:

The melting point of cocoa is very low and can easily be melted. The block of cocoa butter is hard to tackle so you must chop it into small pieces and it will ease the process of melting and reduce the time as well.

The faster the melting is with the chopping chocolate finely. On the other hand, the white chocolate chips do not require chopping however, can be used directly.

2. Melting:

The molten form is by conversion of solid cocoa butter to make the desired chocolate. Precautions must be taken while heating the chocolate, as it might get burnt and become distasteful with a toothpaste-like consistency.

Due to greater milk fat content, the melting of white chocolate is a challenging task rather than dark chocolate. Melt the chocolate at a lower temperature.

The raw white chocolate or cocoa butter is heated by using the methods of the double boiler or in the microwave.

Double Boiler:

The chocolate must not be melted directly on the flame. The fact must be kept in mind to always melt the chocolate on a double boiler.


Cocoa butter is at a greater risk of scorching while heating in the microwave. You need to be extra careful while heating in the microwave.

A micro-wave safe boil is used to melt the chopped cocoa butter for 20 seconds. Keep the chocolate melting up to your desire at 20 seconds interval.

3. Tempering:

When biting a chocolate lovely sapping sound and shiny texture is because of tempering. The process involves cooling and heating the cocoa butter at the right temperature. The shelf life is enhanced and the stable cocoa butter is produced by this process. Continuous stirring is complete with the spoon to achieve a shiny texture.

4. Molds:

The chocolate is ready to be mold up after the process of tempering. In the baking section of the supermarkets, the molds are easily available.

5. Refrigerating:

After pouring the chocolate into the mold, place it in the fridge for cooling the chocolate to get a proper shape. The mold should be in the middle of the refrigerator to ensure uniform cooling.

6. Storing:

Care should be taken to store the chocolate as it is temperature and humidity sensors. The milk solids present in it are also highly perishable so they must be in airtight containers. Keep the chocolates in dry and cool places.

Tools to make white chocolate:

  • Double boiler:
  • Chocolate chip molds.
  • Chocolate bar molds.
  • Heavy cream powder.
  • Sunflower lecithin.

Nutritional Facts of White Chocolate:

Amount per serving (2 Tablespoon)

Calories 79%
Fat 8g
Potassium 2mg
Carbohydrates 2g
Sugar 2g
Fiber 1g
Cholesterol 3mg
Sodium 1mg
Protein 1g
Calcium 2mg
Iron 1mg
Vitamin A 361U


Tips to follow in making white chocolate:

The following tips to make the perfect white chocolate.

  1. Chocolate should be chopped evenly before addition to a boiler.
  2. You should use a thermometer.
  3. Blend the powdered milk and sugar t to make the granules finer in the food processor.
  4. Whisk and low the temperature.
  5. A little vegetable oil must be added if the chocolate gets separated while tempering.
  6. Slowly add additional water to bring it back together, if the chocolate seizes.

Further notes and Variations:

  • Be sure to buy food-safe cocoa butter as some of them are with cosmetics and are not food-safe.
  • It is untempered chocolate and stored best in the fridge. The white chocolate recipe sets very solid.
  • It can be flavored in a hundred ways and is incredibly versatile.
  • Maple syrup or agave works as an alternative sweetener that will affect the color of your chocolate.

Health benefits of white chocolate:

  • Improve liver health.
  • Lower cholesterol.
  • Boost up immunity.
  • Toning down hypertension and breathing issues.
  • Elevating blood sugar levels.
  • Eases headache, sleeplessness, dementia, breast cancer, and arthritis.


The homemade recipe of white chocolate is very easy with all the readily available ingredients present in our kitchen. It is a chocolate confection and has a pale ivory color. The white chocolate has 3 ingredients and is better as compared to store-bought white chocolate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it OK to eat white chocolate?

White chocolate has a good calcium amount however, it is not healthy food as it doesn’t supply other essential nutrients. It consists of sugar, milk, cocoa butter making the chocolate high in soaking fat.

2. Can I eat chocolate if I am allergic to chocolate?

You can still eat white chocolate if you are allergic to chocolates. The reaction depends on the reason you are allergic to chocolates.

3. What is the best white chocolates?

The white chocolates which regard as best are:

  1. M&M’s White Chocolate Singles Size Candy.
  2. Nestle Tollhouse Premier White Morsels.
  3. Kit Kat Crisp Wafers in White Chocolate Candy Bar.
  4. Green & Black’s Organic White Chocolate.
  5. Scott’s Cakes Pound Block White Chocolate.