Is Freezing Sashimi Safe?

What Do We Mean By Sashimi?

Sashimi is a very thin raw slice of fish or meat, usually fish, which is a specialty of Japan.

Many people confuse sashimi with sushi, but they are different. Sashimi is only raw fish or meat not linked with any other item as sushi is linked with rice.

Freezing Sashimi:

Giving an introduction before coming to the topic was necessary, as that was a common misunderstanding between sashimi and sushi. So if we briefly answer yes or no, we would say yes, you can freeze sashimi before eating it raw. But it would help if you never froze leftover sashimi, which is prepared.

Raw Fish and Sashimi:

raw fish and sashimi

We said that sashimi is a raw fish, but that does not mean you can eat any raw fish directly. That could be harmful.

As for sashimi, it is properly graded raw fish that is fit to eat.

Are you eating raw fish? This sounds a little gross, but this is not the case with this. Sashimi-grade meat is fully healthy and secure to eat.

So if you haven’t tried it out yet, now is the time to grab them.

Where To Find Sashimi?

Now that you want to eat, the next question must be where or how to find sashimi-grade fish? You can eat it in a well-reputed restaurant, or you might get the frozen sashimi from the store. This frozen sashimi brings us back to the point from where we started that if we can freeze sashimi.

Can We Freeze Sashimi Grade Fish?

There are two opposite opinions in this regard.

The first one says that if you are eating raw fish, it should be fresh as the fresh fish has less time for the bacteria to set on.

The other group says that before eating a raw fish, it should be frozen according to the standards of the FDA.

FDA Standard For Raw Fish:

It says that it should be freeze for at least 15 hours for -31F or for seven days at -4 F.


Sashimi graded fish means that it has gone through proper measures to kill any bacteria or microorganisms present in the raw form. And the quality of the meat is increased so that you can eat it raw.

Fresh Fish And Freezing:

If you are fond of fishing, and you have caught a fish, now to eat sashimi, you need to freeze it first.

The best way to freeze is to use the commercial freezer as their temperature is really low and will make it freeze fast. But if you don’t have a commercial fridge at your place, make sure to turn your freezer temperature to -4 F. Low temperature is also important to kill parasites and bacteria.

Now, if you are storing it at -4 F, you need to keep it for seven days before eating it for sashimi.

Why do we need to freeze it fast?

When you put something to freeze, the water inside is converted to ice crystals, which destroy the cell wall hence destroying the taste and protein structure of the food. The faster it will freeze, the less time will be there for the ice crystals to destroy. There is a proper method to freeze it, let’s go through that first.

How To Freeze A Fresh Fish?

Before freezing a fish, you need to go through some quick and important steps to have good healthy sashimi later on.

  1. Clean your fish properly, remove the fins, descale, etc
  2. Cut it according to the size you want, small or large.
  3. To protect the flavor and texture, you can go through a simple process.
  • If it is a fatty fish, dip it in 1 quart of cold water with two tbs of ascorbic acid for only 20 seconds
  • If it is a lean fish dip it in 1 quart of cold water with ¼ cup of salt for 20 seconds
  1. Place the fish in the freezer for about 30 minutes until it is frozen solid.
  2. Do the ice glaze, take the fish out dip it in 1-quart water with 1tbs salt and they quickly put it back in the freezer
  3. Leave it for 5 minutes then repeat the process
  4. Keep repeating until a glaze of ¼ inch thickness is formed around the fish.
  5. To finally put it in the freezer, wrap them in plastic wrap and put it in an airtight container.

Freezing Prepared Sashimi:

Now that you have prepared sashimi to eat, or you went to a good restaurant, and you ordered sashimi, but a few of it is left, and you don’t want to waste it so that the question will arise. Can you freeze the leftover?

Well, freezing the raw fish again after being prepared once will severely affect its quality and promote bacterial growth. So it is better not to freeze it again.

If you want to eat Freezing Sashimi the very next day, you can take the risk by packing it in an airtight container and freeze it as soon as possible just for one day, but again it is better not to.

Calories in Sashimi:

In a 3 to 4 ounce portion of a normal fish, the calories will be around 70 to 200. If you are taking a high-fat fish, the calories will be more, but so will be the other important healthy nutrients.


Q. How long can you store frozen sashimi?

If you are storing it at a home freezer with a temperature of -4F, keep it for seven days. If you are storing it at a commercial freezer with a temperature of -31F or below, you can have it after 15 hours.

Q. Is sashimi different from sushi?

Yes, they are indeed different, sushi is mainly rice rolls that can have any form of seafood in it, but the main thing is rice. At the same time, sashimi is only raw fish or meat.

Q. What is maki?

Maki is a sort of sushi. It has raw fish and vegetables rolled up in rice and seaweed. And cut into bite slices.


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