Canning of Beef Broth

What is Canning? It is a method of preservation of food which processes the contents of food and packs them in air-sealed jars. Canning increases the shelf life of a commodity from one year to 5 years depending upon its perishability and nature. The idea of canning is to make the commodity available and edible

The ways of thawing Frozen Turkey

It takes time to thaw a frozen turkey. However, there are few options if you have time in hand. Special care is taken to defrost your frozen Thanksgiving turkey, as some ways are not safe like defrosting it on the kitchen counter. We are presented with some difficult choices in life. Those choices have a

How to tell the Signs of Spoiled Shrimp

Shrimp and prawn as food: These are important seafood types liked throughout the world. Shrimps and prawns look the same however, both can be interchanged in wild fisheries and commercial farming. The difference between them is prawn is a term used for freshwater penaeids whereas, shrimp is used for marine penaeids. Shrimps are quick, delicious,