Can you Freeze Orange Juice?

Orange juice is now a mandatory item in every fridge. Some people prefer freshly squeezed while others consider purchasing a carton of good quality organ juice from the market.

Can you Freeze Orange Juice
Can you Freeze Orange Juice?

In both cases, the result is leftover juice in the fridge.

Nowadays orange juice is a staple breakfast drink in many schools, daycares, households, and daycares in most countries.

Now the question arises can you freeze orange juice? The answer is yes we can freeze it but it is known that the orange juice doesn’t last long.

A large quantity of orange juice on hand and there is no way to utilize it before spoilage. What do you think of putting the juice in the freezer?

You end up with leftovers if you don’t drink orange juice regularly.

If you don’t drink it, the juice will sit in the fridge till spoilage.

Freezing orange juice is the only solution to save it from getting spoiled.

This article focuses on how to freeze orange juice to utilize it properly. Let’s start.

Does Orange Juice Freeze Well?

The orange juice can be frozen to increase shelf life. Either it is homemade or store-bought, the option of freezing works best for all types of orange juices.

The shelf life of commercial or homemade orange juice can be extended from 12-4 months in the freezer if stored properly.

Orange juice freezes well like other citrus fruit juices and the flavor doesn’t change much.

  • Key point is to freeze the juice when it is still in good condition.

You don’t want to spoil the squeezed orange juice and want to store it properly by freezing it.

Changes in orange juice after freezing

A slight change in flavor and consistency might occur after freezing and thawing orange juice.

The quality of orange juice can be retained by freezing orange juice with little or no pulp.

The consistency of orange juice will get thicker after freezing and defrosting the juice. The orange juice will be a bit watery after defrosting it.

The pulp will not be the same anymore however, it is slightly unpleasant and dry.

Straining the orange juice will be better if you want to freeze pulpy orange juice and gives better results.

  • The color of the thawed juice is not the same, the top layer is more watery and the bottom layer is darker in color.
  • It happens because the juice separates a little and some of the pulp goes to the bottom of the juice.

Can you freeze store-bought orange juice?

Yes, the store-bought orange juice can be frozen. Regardless of any kind of orange juice you like to purchase, no pulp or pulpy, with additives or natural, freezing is the best option to work on all of them.

Can you freeze homemade orange juice?

If you have a bulk of oranges and have no idea how to use them, just squeeze the fresh orange juice and freeze it for later use.

Homemade orange juice can be frozen the same way as store-bought orange juice.

For a better outcome, homemade orange juice is strained. As discussed before orange juice freezes well without pulp.

After defrosting, orange juice is strained, however, the pulp removal before freezing the juice will give a great end product.


  • The lesser the amount of sugar present in the juice, the quicker and better the juice freezes.
  • If you like sugar in the juice then think of bringing the amount to a limited concentration before freezing.

Can you freeze orange juice in containers?

Plastic containers are certainly used to freeze orange juice. However, avoid using overly big containers. It not only takes more time to thaw a large amount of juice and also ends up with leftover juice.

Moreover, avoid using big plastic containers for the amount of juice you want to freeze. As a lot of extra space left in the container will have no good on your amount of juice.

  • The surface area and the air contact increase and the juice will spoil quickly.

Some precautions must be taken before freezing juice in a plastic container as most of the containers are used once and are not good for freezing.

  • Freezing the juice in its original packing will increase the risk of leaking and explosion.

Minimal risk

Before freezing, pour out a few ounces to minimize the risk before freezing. Leave at least 1/2’’ space for juice expansion.

Selection of plastic containers

If you want maximum juice to invest on

  • BPA free and phthalate-free plastic pitchers or
  • Half-gallon jars rather than manufacturer’s plastic containers.

Steps of freezing orange juice in plastic containers

Below are step by step points for freezing orange juice in plastic containers

  1. Transfer the juice to your preferred jar:
juice jar
juice jar
  • Divide the juice into small portions and pour it into multiple jars.
  • If you want the juice all at once then go for freezing in a large container.
  1. Half of the space between the lid and the jar must be left
  • Frozen juice expands.
  • The result will be a disaster if no space is left for liquid expansion.
  • The jar may pop open or crack.
  1. Close tightly
  • Make sure the lid sits tightly on the container
  • Few layers of food wrap must be wrapped tightly around the lid if you are not sure regarding tightness.
  1. Label with the date on the container


Can you freeze orange juice in Mason jars?

Yes, the orange juice can be stored in the Mason jars if proper steps are followed.

All the jars are not freezer safe like old-fashioned jars are not a good choice. However, some people still use these jars for safe storage. Make sure to leave 2-3 inches of space. This will help with the expansion of freezer food.


Moreover, wide-mouth jars with tapered and straight sides are better for safe storage in the freezer.

Can you freeze orange juice in Ice cube trays?

Yes, the orange juice can be frozen in ice cube trays. At least once try freezing orange juice in ice cube trays.


  1. It is effortless to store orange juice in ice cube trays
  2. Thawing is easy when needed because the pieces are smaller
  3. Measurement of the juice is exact and you can easily thaw it according to the requirement of the recipe
  4. You can use the cubes of orange juice to chill your beverage and juice without affecting the consistency.

How to freeze orange juice in ice cube trays?

Below are the steps mentioned to freeze orange juice in ice cube trays.

  1. Take an ice cube tray of your choice and pour orange juice into it
  2. Place the tray in the freezer
  3. After freezing the juice, the tray is put in a zip-top bag. The tray can be emptied in a large bowl or plastic tray if it is needed or for other purposes.
  4. Label the date on the bag.

The cubes are used in marinades, vinaigrettes, baked goods, sauces, and flavored ice to add in water or other drinks.

  • To protect the juice from any off-flavor, BPA free ice-cube trays are a good choice.

Can you freeze a carton of orange juice?

Yes, the juice can be frozen in its original packaging. After opening, a carton of orange juice gets spoiled with a week.

Freezing a carton of orange juice is a good option for safe storage of the juice after opening it.

The cap must be tightened properly to avoid any leakage.

The worst thing is expansion and explosion creating a big mess in the freezer.

An unopened carton of orange juice does not require any special storage condition and has a very long storage life.

Most of the time the orange juice stored in a dark and cool environment has a life of 2 years.

What is the best way to freeze orange juice?

Orange juice can be frozen successfully in

  • Ice cube trays
  • Plastic containers
  • In original packaging

Orange juice can be stored in any jar or container that is airtight and freezer safe.

Depending upon the convenience of freezing, either in big batch or small portions, you can select the freezing method that is well-suited to you.

How long can you freeze orange juice?

The storage life of store-bought orange varies for 7 days. Freezing orange juice will increase the shelf life of the commodity.

It is well stored in the freezer for 8-12 months

Because of the absence of preservatives, the shelf life of homemade orange juice is less either kept in the freezer or fridge.

The flavor will degrade more in the freezer with time.

How to defrost orange juice?

The two ways to defrost orange juice are

  1. Thaw the juice in the fridge

It might take 12 hours to fully defrost the juice depending on the amount of juice.

  1. Defrost juice in water

Place the juice in the bowl full of water at room temperature

to fasten the process of defrosting.

Uses of defrosted juice

  • The defrosted orange juice can be used as a drink or added to many dishes.
  • A little amount of orange juice adds warmth and aroma to your baked goods and desserts.
  • It can also be used in marinades, sauces, and salads.
  • The ice cubes of orange juice can be used in smoothies and shakes.
  • They are also used to chill both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.


How to tell freshly squeezed orange juice is spoiled or bad?

After thawing, the off-flavor and odor and the growth of mold are the signs of spoiled juice and should immediately be thrown away.

How long does thawed orange juice last?

It varies as some studies recommend using the thawed juice within 2-3 days.

Use the juice as soon as possible after thawing in the microwave or cold water.


  • Always mention the date before freezing the juice and make use to use it within a day.

Can I refreeze previously frozen orange juice?

No, it is not recommended to refreeze the juice after thawing.

Orange juice recipes

  • Orange chili Grilled chicken
  • Creamsicle smoothie
  • Orange creamsicle cheesecake bars


Freezing orange juice properly is a great way to increase the shelf life and use it when needed. It is also a cost-effective method. Orange juice is the most liked throughout the world and select the proper method of storing it for further use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are oranges still good if they freeze?

Frozen fruit is not as good as fresh one however, as a matter of fact, oranges are not affected much after freezing and thawing.

2. Can I freeze cartons of orange juice?

Yes, the cartons of orange juice can be frozen. The cardboard cartons can tolerate freezing temperatures. The only thing to be noted is to pour off some of the juice before freezing.

3. What happens when you freeze juice?

Freezing will not affect the juice however, the container might get affected as the juice get expand so make sure the container isn’t full before freezing the juice.