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Mini-Blueberry Pies

What is a Pie? It is a baked dish made usually of a pastry dough casing filled with many sweet and savory ingredients. Pies have different sizes, varying from bite-size to one made for multiple servings. Sweet pies contain fruits, brown sugar, sweeten vegetables, and nuts whereas, savory pies are consist of either eggs, meat,

Biscuits without Milk

It is a baked food product with flour as the main ingredient. In North America biscuits are commonly known as cookies with soft, leaven quick bread however, in other countries the biscuits are typically hard, unleavened, and flat. Biscuits are the most loved confectionery item worldwide because of their versatility. The name biscuit comes from


Craving for some sugar cookies? Watched a recipe? Went to the kitchen but didn’t find all the ingredients?? Oops! But where there is a will, there is away. And the way is you can still make sugar cookies to fulfill your cravings even if you don’t have an ingredient. And what’s missing actually? BUTTER? No