Lemon Popsicles

Lemon popsicles are a simple and easy recipe.  They are a great treat to make during the hot summer and they are full of fresh lemon flavor.  These will be loved by adults and kids.  You will never want to buy from the store again. They are delicious and will have you coming back for more. They will not disappoint.  My lemon popsicles are happiness on a stick.

Ingredients you need to make lemon popsicles

  • Cold water
  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar

Step by Step Instructions to make your lemon popsicles

First step: First we will whisk the sugar, lemon juice together and will whisk until the sugar is fully dissolved into a syrup type.

Second step: Add the syrup in cold water and mix in fully

Third step: Pour into some popsicle molds of your choice.

Fourth step: Freeze for up to an hour, now place your popsicle sticks down then put them back in the freeze for overnight or for 3 hours but overnight will be best.

Fifth step: The time has come to remove the popsicle molds. For 5 minutes leave them to sit at room temperature. Now you can pull the stick up and push on the bottom at the same time.

Sixth step: Put your lemon popsicles in a zip lock bag and store them in the freezer for when you are ready to eat again

Here are some lemon popsicle tips:

  • To make it easier to get the lemonade liquid in the molds use a funnel.
  • Don’t fully fill to the top of the mold to leave room for the popsicle to expand while it freezes.
  • Set a timer to make sure after 1 hour to check your lemon popsicles in the freezer.
  • Your liquid will be slightly frozen and the sticks will stay in place so they won’t be crooked.
  • When it’s time to remove the molds from the popsicles let them sit at room temperature for some minutes first and then continue to pull the stick up and push on the bottom at the same time.
  • Store them in the freezer in zip lock bags for when you are ready to eat them


Should you use bottled lemon juice or freshly squeezed lemon?

You can use whichever you have at home. You will notice the bottled lemon juice is more sour as it is concentrated more. If you like it more sour you can use the bottled lemon. Freshly squeezed is a bit more subtle and less sour.  If you want to make it sweeter you can use maple syrup, honey, or even stevia.

Can I add anything to my lemonade popsicles?

Yes. If you choose you would like to add extras to make them more fun or favorable you can use them. Use some berries, gummy lollies, or even more lemon slices.

How long will lemon popsicles last in the freezer before going bad?

It is recommended to keep popsicles in the freezer for 6-8 months to keep their best quality and flavor.  If you have any sticky coasting or ice crystals on the popsicles they might be going off throw them in the bin. It is always best to make sure you eat them before the 8 months is up.


Making some lemon popsicles at home is so easy and fun. You only need 3 ingredients which most people already have at home. Get the kids involved they will love helping.  Great for summer time around the pool or in the backyard. You can share with friends and family. Everyone will love these.