Can We Reheat Boiled Potatoes?

Those who are fond of boiled potatoes like me and know well what amazing dishes we can make out of them must have a concern about this question.

Why Do We Need To Boil Them Beforehand?

If you are a working person and don’t usually have enough time to make, your meals know how convenient it is to have your half prep meals done in the fridge. One of the quick meals you can have are boiled potatoes. You can boil them and properly store them to use them when you are running out of time.

Yes! You can store and reuse boiled potatoes.

Reheating Your Boiled Potatoes:

Reheating mainly depends on how you boil and store them. Boiling them properly will help you reheat them and enjoy them later on. So first, let’s come to the point of how to boil them?

How to boil potatoes to save them for later use?

The question starts with which potatoes should we choose to boil? To save, those for later use to try to boil fresh potatoes and white ones or red ones.

And the key to boiling them properly is not over to boil them. Just take care of the time you are giving to boil.

Step 1:

wash potatoes

Wash your potatoes properly and cut them in halves or quarters.

Step 2:

put potatoes in water

Please put them in a big pan and fill with water approximately an inch or two more than the level.

Step 3:

add salt in the potatoes

Add salt (optional) and put them to boil.

Step 4:

boiling potato

When the water reaches the boiling point, slow the flame and let it simmer.

Step 5:

Check them every 5 minutes with a fork. If the fork slides in finely, then they are ready.

Now your potatoes are properly boiled. Now you need to store them properly.

Storing Potatoes Correctly:

To use these perfectly boiled potatoes later, you need to store them properly. For storing, you can either use the fridge or freezer. Make sure to cool them before putting them up for storage.

Using Fridge To Store Boiled Potatoes:

To store them in a fridge:

  • Pack them in airtight boxes or plastic bags.
  • Please put them in the fridge
  • Use them within 4 to 5 days

Using Freezer To Store Boiled Potatoes:

To store them in a freezer you first need to

  • Pre-freeze them for 2 to 3 hours
  • Store them in an airtight box
  • Put them in freezer
  • Use within six months.

Re-Heating Stored Potatoes:

Now comes the main point of how to Reheat Boiled Potatoes and accordingly stored potatoes.

The best way to reheat them is to use an oven.

Step 1:

oven timing

Put the oven for preheating up to 300 F

Step 2:

spray on boiled potatoes

Spread the baking sheet and spray some oil on it and put your potatoes on it.

Step 3:

check boil potatoes

Put them in the oven and wait for 10 minutes to check if they are properly heated.

And that’s it you can now use them as the way you want.

What Can You Make Out Of Boiled Potatoes?

taking out boil potatoes

You can make a lot of yummy dishes out of these boiled potatoes.

  • Mashed potatoes with seasoning
  • Potato salad
  • Potato sandwiches
  • Potato casserole

And a lot more.


Is it necessary to cut the potato before boiling?

Instead of boiling the whole potato cut them in cubes. It will help them boil faster and better. If you don’t cut it, you need to thaw it before reheating.

Can we use a microwave for reheating?

Don’t use a microwave oven for reheating. It will turn them soggy. If you still use it, cover them with paper towels to absorb moisture.

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